How to tell the quality of tea from the shape

To identify whether the tea is good or bad can be told from its shape, color, and flavor. Normally, the dried green tea is shown in dark green or emerald. The color of the tea is bright olivine with the pleasant chestnut smell.

The Oolong tea is normally in the shape of stripe or granular. The color of the tea is bright orange with the fresh and thick taste. Also, you can smell the natural smell of flower. The black tea has two types of shape, one in flake, and one in stripe. The flaked one is in dark brown. The color of the tea is bright red with strong taste. The striped black tea is tight. The color of the tea is also bright red with fresh and strong taste.

  1. Looking at the color: differently tea types have different character in colors. The green tea with grey and dark brown color, the quality must be bad.
  2. Looking at the shape: you can tell the quality of the tea by looking at the shape of the tea leaves.
  3. Smell the tea: varied teas have their own flavors. For example, the flavor of green tea is fresh. The high quality green tea can have the flavor of orchid incense, chestnut or others. The Oolong tea has the flavor of ripped peach and others. If the flavor of the tea is not apparent, then the quality of the tea is bad. If the tea has the flavor of aging, then it is the old tea. If the tea has the smell of mold or other odor, then, the tea is deteriorated.
  4. Tasting the tea: the tastes of the tea is formed by many elements, such as bitter, astringent, sweet, salty, sour and others. If the proportion of each ingredient is proper, the taste of the tea is better.

Looking at the shape

First, you hold a handful of tea leaves with your hands. Putting them in front of your nose. Take a deep breath of the smell of the tea leaves, see if they have the cooked chestnut smell. Secondly, distinguish the quality of the flavor. Thirdly, smell the tea to see the level of the pureness. The higher the flavor, the purer of the smell, the tea is better in quality.

Next, grab a handful tea leaves and spread them on the white paper. Look at the color, freshness, shape, size of the dried tea. The one with evenly color, fresher, tighter tea leaves, consistent thickness must be the good quality tea leaves.

Looking at the quality of the tea through the wet tea

Judging the tea when it’s wet, meaning brewing the tea. Normally, it will take 3 to 5 grams of tea and put them in the white porcelain cup. Then, brew the tea with 200 ml brewed water. After the tea is brewed, you should smell the tea first, then look at the color of the tea. Tasting the flavor and judge the tea residue.