Side Effects of Pu-erh Tea – When Not to Consume Drink Pu’er

[Tea Culture] Anything has a limit, same as tea drinking. Even though Pu-erh tea is favored by a large number of consumers. However, speaking of the tea drinking, sometimes, it is not appropriate to drink tea. The over consumption of Pu-erh tea does have side effect. Then, when should you control the amount of tea consumed or even stop drinking tea? Here, editor has summarized a few points below.

If women are on their period, they should not drink Pu-erh tea. Every time when female is on their period, the blood lose will take a lot of iron in human body. If you keep your habit of Pu-erh drinking, the tannic acid contained in the Pu-erh tea will hinder the absorption of iron in our intestinal mucosal. Thus, in return lower the absorption of iron in human body, which causing the precipitation phenomenon caused by combination of iron in the blood or the iron from the medicine into calculus.

Women during pregnancy is not suitable for Pu-erh drinking. This is because the caffeine contained in the Pu-erh tea is too high for pregnant women to consume. If pregnant women keep drinking Pu-erh tea frequently, it will cause increase heart rate, resulting in increased cardiac load, leading to pregnancy poisoning. Sometimes, drinking Pu-erh tea for a long period of time, will also lead to the lack of sleep, insufficient strength. As a result, it will cause the dystocia.

People during their menopause should also not drink Pu-erh tea. The women who is undergoing through the menopausal, in additional to dizziness and whole body fatigue, sometimes, they might also experience rapid heartbeat, bad temper, poor sleeping quality. If you drink a lot of Pu-erh tea, these experiences will be even more severer.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of the people’s life, more and more people are starting to pay attention to the detail of tea drinking. Today, under all the situations that are described today, you should not drink tea. It is believed that this can help people. Even though the Pu-erh tea is bad, but still do not be so greedy when you are drinking.