The Side Effects of Strong Tea – Harmful Effects from Tea

The old saying that “there are 7 things when you open door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea”; “Writers have 7 treasures, instrument, chess, calligraphy, paining, poem, wine and tea”; No matter “7 things” or “7 treasures”, you cannot stay away from “tea”. Tea tastes fresh, if you drink it right, it is beneficial to your body. If you drink it wrong, you might harm your body.

You should not drink strong tea, it will destroy kidney, stomach, and blood vessel. If you have high blood pressure, it might kill you!

What is strong tea?

Strong tea has a common characteristic, it tastes bitter. The color is dark and unclear. Once the tea is cold, there will be a layer of tea oil floating on the surface. In terms of amount, a health adult drinks about 12 grams of tea a day, which means 3 grams each time with 150 ml of boiled water. If you drink more than this, that means it is strong tea.


  1. Strong tea hurts your kidney

Tea has rich oxalic acid. If you drink strong tea too often, it can cause high level of oxalic acid. As a result, it is easier to form calcium phosphate stones in the urine, which causes kidney stones. Also, drinking strong tea, it will cause frequent urination, which increase the burden of kidney and thus, hurt the kidney.

  1. Strong tea hurts your stomach

After drinking a large amount of strong tea, it will dilute the gastric juice, reducing the concentration of the gastric juice. Therefore, the gastric juice cannot digest the food normally, which will cause indigestion, distension, stomach pain and others. Some even cause duodenal ulcers.

  1. Strong tea hurts your bones

There are large amount of caffeine contained in the tea, which will hinder the absorption of calcium in the duodenum while accelerate the excretion of calcium in the urine. Because the dual effect of inhibition of absorption and accelerated excretion, it cause the deficiency of calcium in the body. In long term, it will cause osteoporosis easily.

  1. It might kill you if you have high blood pressure

The caffeine contained in the tea will make the heartbeat faster, which increase the blood pressure. Simultaneously, a large amount of strong tea enter the blood vessels will increase the burden of heart, causing chest tightness, palpitations and other symptoms. Those will increase the heart failure.

  1. Strong tea will cause constipation

The tannic acid will not only have reaction with the iron element, but also form a type of protein that is hard to digest. This will cause constipation. For elderly have constipation problems, it will worsen the symptoms.