Signs that you may be getting expired tea

The weather is getting warm, the spring new tea is going on the market in all parts of China. The Administration for Industry and Commercial Bureau reminds that the spring tea just launched on the market, due to the high price with limited quantity, customers should be aware that some of the unscrupulous traders may sell old tea as the new tea.

After being stored for a long time, due to effects of moisture in the air, oxygen and light, the phenols, esters, acids and vitamins contained in the tea will suffer from damage or deterioration. Thus, the color of the tea leaves will be darkened, the aroma will be weakened, and the tea will become muddy. Thus, it will lower the quality of the tea. Then, how to tell new tea and old tea? The Administration for Industry and Commercial Bureau says, from the appearance and color, the leaves of new tea tend to be tidy, but the color won’t be too green, in fact it should show a little bit gold. Additionally, the new tea normally has a smell of freshness, but the old tea does not. After brewing a new tea, the water should be transparent, clear and bright. It tastes a little bit sweet. If the tea is muddy, it probably is old tea. If you want to store the tea leaves, you need to check the water level contained. The Lower the water content, the better the tea is. The checking method is to squeeze the tea leaves with two fingers, if it turns to powder, it means the water content is low. Therefore, it can be stored. The tea can be stored using the thermos bottle method. Putting the leaves into the thermos bottle, and seals the bottle, Or it can use cold storage by putting tea into the iron bottle and sealing the bottle with plastic bags and then putting the bottle into the fridge.

It should note here, it is always true that new tea is better for old tea. Some types of tea are better to store for a while, which make the tea better. If they are stored properly, it will not deteriorate and even improve the quality of the tea. This is because there are two types of smells are developed during the storage process. One is the smell that developed from the aging process. Another one is the small amount of gas produced by the generation of mold. Two types smell mixed up and produce a new fresh smell liked by people.

If you have old tea or expired tea at home, you don’t have to throw them away. The expired tea can be used as cleaning agent: using old tea or expired to soak the clothes that have stains of egg for five minutes; it can be cleaned easily. Cleaning pan, basin, stove, furniture and other with tea soaked in water can make them brighter like new. Dry the brewed tea or using the expired tea leaves, putting them in a small bag and then put it in the fridge, it can eliminate the odor in the fridge. Dry the brewed tea and put them in the bag, using the bag as pillow, it is benefit for sleep.