Skin Problems and The Link to Emotions

Everyone has a desire for beauty, especially women, who are particularly concerned about skin care. They are not only interested in skin care methods and products, but even have the courage to try new beauty methods.

The skin is an emotional organ that expresses anger, fear, sadness, shame, which few people can notice. So how do emotions affect the health of your skin? Nerves in the skin are hugely subjected to the brain’s control, and if your spirits are down or you experience long-term stress, fear, or depression, it can trigger the body’s stress response, and even endocrine dysfunction, leading to poor skin blood circulation, insufficient supply of nutrients, making the skin’s immunity drop and giving rise to a series of skin problems.

Skin problem 1, hair loss: Many people when they reach middle age experience alopecia. This skin disease occurs especially in men’s bodies. Too much stress or trauma will stimulate a sharp increase in hormones that create problems for blood circulation, resulting in hair loss. Only when we return to normal mental status, will the hair will grow back.

Skin problem 2, acne: Acne is a very common skin disease. If your acne is mostly blackheads, it is mostly related to you spending too much outdoors; whiteheads are related to your eating a lot of sweets and high-calorie food when you are stressed; headless acne is usually the result of extremely nervousness.

Skin problem 3, spots: This is a skin disease that many people have seen, and some friends, in order to prevent the generation of spots, do not lack sunglasses, sunscreen, day creams, so why do spots also always find you? Doctors say it is because of your lack of estrogen secretion. But why is it always you who has estrogen deficiency? This may be related to your personality. You may have been “good-natured” for too long, giving yourself too much pressure, so even though in front of people you are a good person, you torture yourself internally, and the long-term emotional stability makes your skin lose immunity, prone to rash, and also prone to spots.

Skin problem 4, hives: We often hear people say, no matter what do not have measles, but the measles talked about here is the frequently seen “rubella.” Hives are a common symptom of skin disease, but it is also a kind of emotional skin disease. Generally when there is emotional stress, there will be a white bag protruding from the surface of the skin that makes you itch. If lucky, when emotions stabilize the white bag will slowly disappear within a few hours, but if your mood continues to be bad, you would have to endure it for a longer time.

Skin problem 5, neurodermatitis: Neurodermatitis patients usually experience, one year before the onset of symptoms, different levels of stimulation, such as a family member conflicts, economic issues, work and study pressure.

Skin problem 6, psoriasis: This skin disease is also called “leather ringworm”. As early as 1000 years ago, Persian physician reported that stressful relationships affected psoriasis. Recent studies have found that more than 40% of psoriasis patients had a history of mental stress before the onset of the disease.