Puer warms your stomach, Tieguanyin help with digestion, says report

For Chinese, tea has always been the traditional beverages, which are widely loved. However, because there are many different types of tea, the effects of different teas also vary. You can make the choice based on your personal preference and need. Here will summary the effects of various tea and must-known facts about tea, according to a new Chinese report.

Effects of different teas

Puer: because of its mild effect, normally, with the thick and pure aroma entering the body, Puer can warm the stomach. Also, it is beneficial for lowering the blood pressure. Of course, Puer can also be helpful in lowering the blood lipids. If you can keep drinking Puer in long-term, it can have better effect in preventing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disease.

Gree tea: green tea have great benefits to human body. This is the type of tea that anyone can drink. But, people listed below should not drink green tea any more. If you have allergy, then you should not drink green tea any more. Also, green tea contains high level of chlorophyll. So, it is not suitable for people with stomach issues or ulcer. Because, when this type of tea enter the body, it will stimulate stomach greatly.

Tieguanyin: is a popular type of tea. Because this tea belongs to the semi-ferment tea. Therefore, Tieguanyin is the tea with cold property. However, in terms of reducing fat and promoting digestion, it has great effect. Also, because the tea has strong aroma, people like to drink it. However, you should not drink this type of tea with empty stomach, otherwise you will have the symptom of “tea drunkenness”.

Oolong tea: Oolong tea is the tea that must be brewed with boiled water. Because this tea belongs to the mild tea, which is say, it is not the tea that is neither too cold nor too hot. Therefore, it is suitable for more people. However, you should keep in mind, because the tea is relatively coarse, you must brew it with scalding water. If you don’t have scalding water, the tea cannot be properly brewed and the tea will have no effect.

Dahongpao: it is the type of tea that do not hurt your stomach with strong aroma. Because the tea has very nice and lasting aroma, therefore, the tea can be brewed longer.

Then, what’s the best way to drink tea?

Tips in daily tea drinking

Do not wash the tea leaves longer than 15 second. Overly washed tea will lost its nutritious substance. If you have to wash the tea leaves, then the time should not exceed 14 second. The green tea and white tea are better not washed tighter. There is one exception, if you are very sensitive to caffeine, you should wash the tea leaves before brewing. Because the speed of losing caffeine is faster than that of tea polyphenol. Fast washing can wash off part of the caffeine.

12 grams per day is the most appropriate consumption of tea. For ordinary people, divided the daily 12 grams consumption to 3 to 4 times a day are the most suitable. If you eat a lot of oily food, smoke and drink a lot, you can add the consumption of tea appropriate. Pregnant women, children, people with neurasthenia, tachycardia should reduce the amount of the tea they drink. With the popularity of the Kung Fu tea, people tend to drink hotter and hotter tea, which is not healthy. The purpose of tea drinking is supposing to keep people health, however, drinking hot tea will increase the chance of esophageal cancer. The best temperature of drinking tea is around 60 degree Celsius, not exceeding 7- degree Celsius.

Additionally, you need to know what cannot be eaten when drinking tea.

What should not be eat with tea?

Tea and alcoholic drinks: many people like to drink tea after drinking alcoholic drinks. They hope to ease hangover, help with digestion, and adjust liquid flow in the body. However, this is detrimental to the kidney. Because when you drink tea after drinking alcohol, the acetaldehyde transferred from alcohol has not completely dissolved and entering the kidney because of the diuretic effect of theophylline. Acetaldehyde has great stimulation effects on kidney and cause damage to it. Therefore, testicular pain, impotence, and other symptoms will show up continuously.

Tea and eggs: boiling eggs with tea, the strong tea contains large amount of tannic acid, which will turn the protein the egg into non-digestible substance. In this way, it will affect the digestion of protein in human body. Eggs are food contains high level of protein, therefore, they should not be cooked with tea.

Medicine and tea: tannic acid in the tea can have chemical reaction with certain medicine (such as ferrous sulfate tablet, citric acid iron ammonium, berberine, etc.) produce precipitation, which will affect the absorption of the medicine. If using tea to take the sedatives (such as phenobarbital, stability, etc), the caffeine and theophylline will compensate or reduce the sedative effects of the medicine.

Tea and lamb: whilst eating lamb can be beneficial to the human body, when you eat lamb while drinking tea, the rich protein contained in the lamb will “combine” with the tannic acid in the tea and produced a substance called carbonic acid. This substance have some intestinal convergence effect, It will reduce the water contained in the stool, causing constipation.

Tea and sugar: tea leaves is bitter with cold property. Many times, people take advantage of the bitterness to stimulate the digestion, promoting the produce of the digestive juice, and enhance the function of digestion. If you add sugar into the tea, it will hinder this effect.

Drink tea correctly, remember not to eat the food listed above with tea.