What you need to know about brewing tea in the summer

Brewing tea is knowledge. If you brew the tea casually, you would be easily wasted the good tea and tea wares. The tea ceremony has taken a part in the long history of the Chinese culture. The most important thing in tea ceremony is about self-cultivation, not just being calm, but also being patient.

Three pieces of knowledge on tea brewing

There are many pieces of knowledge on tea brewing, what is known for “Soft fire makes sweet malt”. From the selecting of tea to the temperature of the water used to brew tea, you have to control each stage before brewing a good cup of tea.

Selection of the tea: from the nutritious perspective, the nutritious substances of the fresh tea might not be the best. Those tea leaves have been collected for less than one month have not been through the sitting process, there are still some bad substances for the body. If you drink fresh tea for a long time, you might have a reaction of diarrhea, abdominal distension and others. No matter what types of tea, a good tea requires the same color, shiny and bright, lubrication. If the color is not the same, with different degree of darkness, which means the tea leaves are mixed with old and fresh tea leaves. The quality is bad.

The amount of tea leaves: there is no standard on what the amount of tea should use each time. It should depend on the types of the tea, size of the tea wares, and the drinking habits. Different types of tea, the amount used should be varied. If you brew black or green tea, each cup should put 3 grams’ dry tea, adding 150 – 200 ml boiled water. If you drink Pu-er tea, you should put 5 – 10 grams of tea in each cup. The most amount of tea used is Oolong tea, each time would need ½ to 2/3 size of the teapot.

The temperature of water: for high quality green tea, it should not be brewed with 100-degree water. Normally, it is bet to brew with water around 80-degree. By doing so, the tea soup brewed will be in the shiny green and tasted fresh. The vitamin C contained in the tea will be les destroyed. Brewing various flower tea, black tea and medium or low quality green tea, you would need to brew the tea with 100-degree water. If the temperature of the tea is low, the taste of the tea will be thin and weak. Because when you brew oolong and Puer, you use relatively more tea leaves, and also because the tea leaves are thick, you have to brew with 100-degree water.

The health tea most suitable for the summer.

  1. Honeysuckle tea

Honeysuckle tea is most suitable for the hot summer. You can brew honeysuckle it with water, then cover the tea and store it in the fridge. You can drink it for three days. If you add some crystal sugar and a little bit orange skin, it will add sweetness and fresh aroma to the tea. It can be used regularly for the summer. But it is worth noticing that the honeysuckle is cold medicine, which is not suitable for use long term. People in their period should not drink it.

  1. Chrysanthemum tea

The chrysanthemum tea is also cool, which is also a good choice for summer. And the chrysanthemum tea can lower the heat inside the body and brighten the eyes, which makes it more suitable for using during the high temperature in the summer. Especially for people using the computer for a long time, the effect of brightening the eyes of chrysanthemum tea can ease the tiredness of the computer users. Also, it can effectively protect you from the radiation. There is an ancient says that “real chrysanthemum help you live longer; the wild chrysanthemum is bad for the health”. When you brew the chrysanthemum tea in the summer, you should not replace the real chrysanthemum with wild chrysanthemum.

  1. Lotus leaf tea

Chopping the lotus leaf with stems, brew them for 20 minutes in the boiled water. Drink it instead of tea, it can cure the thirsty, and lower the fat. Drinking lotus leaf can complement the tea leptin consumed in the gut, which will improve the metabolism of the body. However, the lotus leaf tea should not be used as weight losing tea for long term. Pregnant women or women in their period, should not drink lotus leaf tea.

These is the relevant introduction of the knowledge in tea brewing and summer health tea. Hopefully, after reading this, you have more understanding on the tea brewing.