Tea Living Museum in Sunhe – Now Open

The Tea Living Museum has quieted completed in Sunhe. The grand opening ceremony was held on September 28th. The elites in the different industries has gathered in Beijing and celebrated the long planned classic project.

The Tea Living Museum is built by Li Shuyun, founder of the Chajia, and Jiang Yixuan, the founder of the Fuzang Culture. Different than other similar places, the Tea Living Museum is positioned as the “Brand new experience living museum”. This is not limited to tea itself, but hoping to take advantage of food, clothes, tea and tea wares as the channel to bring back the culture. So, people who came here can use here as an entrance to put themselves in the rich and lively new classic culture. Each service provided here has its unique purpose for cultural experience. In terms of tea living museum, it is indeed a pioneer.

The unique nutrients of the Tea Living Museum came from the two founders, who have been devoted to promoting the creative combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern living style. One of the founders, is the most senior tea expert and the inventor of the new tea genre, Li Shuyun. Ms. Li has devoted her life to tea, from Taiwan to Beijing. She has practiced many pioneer forms of tea, including successfully started tea experiment theater, hosted many unique characteristics tea meeting, activity promoting the evolution of traditional tea and others. She has even practiced in her more than 20 years’ teaching life in promoting the popularization of tea culture and attempting to make the first move. She has high reputation among people who have same hobby. The opening of this Tea Living Museum is the new achievement she made in the process of tea heritage. It has brought many cutting-edge ideas into the Tea Living Museum and brought many possibilities into the future. Another founder, Jian Yixuan has been devoted herself in the research and study in the field of oriental aesthetics. After created Fuzang Culture, the love of tea has led the birth of the Tea Living Museum.

Once limited by the lack of resources and culture environment, the participation in the systematic tea culture is not high. The Tea Living Museum has brought elegant tea culture to people’s daily life. Here, it centers on tea and presents a complete picture of culture in aspects of tea wares, tea ceremony and tea history. It brings everyone unprecedented professional high end tea experience. People can even design their own tea wares here. Moreover, they hope to provide a series experience services that can call for the cognitive system of aesthetic inside the heart of everyone. People can express their own attitudes of life.

Different than the traditional Tea Living Museum, it has integrated the idea of modern living. Through the providing of tea, food, wine and series of service, it created a full template of the simplified modern life. Additionally, they have invited the famous Japanese potters to personized a set of delicate tea ware for Chinese tea. Not only it has kept the color of the traditional tea culture, but also added more modern element, bring the life of the ancient tea culture back. Because of the deep and plenty of tea culture, the Tea Living House offer systematic professional tea courses, which provides the tea lovers opportunities to communicate and study.

No matter the tea tasting, wine tasting or the modern leisure living made by food that are extended from the Tea Living Museum, they all serve the tea culture itself. They hope to bring back popularity of the Chinese tea culture, shorten the distance between the tea culture and public by innovation and development of the tea tasting methods, taking the essence of the traditional tea culture, and combining the creative concept of modern society.