Qigong Classes in Sydney – Recommended Coursework in 2017

n the last few years, more and more Australians are beginning to realise the benefits of ancient Chinese practices, with Qigong taking centre stage. It’s still very difficult to find a reliable centre or school in Australia, and that applies even in Sydney, but there are home-study courses that you can take regardless of where you are.

One of the most celebrated of these is the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, which is based in the United States and has helped millions of students to learn more about Qigong.

SFQ Fundamentals

This is one of the most popular courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, one that helped many students to take their first steps. It contains a manual that accompanies the course, a CD that will guide you through several meditations, and a DVD that covers some Qigong exercises. The Small Universe meditation guide is also part of this course and can be bought separately.

If you are new to this practice, if you have been away from Qigong for some time or if you simply want to absorb all of the information, techniques, meditations and guides that Maser Lin and the Spring Forest Qigong Centre offer, then the SFQ Fundamentals course is perfect.

Healing Techniques

Qigong is all about healing, which it does through meditations and exercise. But at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre you will also learn how to incorporate massage techniques and other techniques to heal from your head to your toes. In fact, that’s the title of one of their most popular manuals, the Head-to-Toe Body’s Repair Manual. This includes seventy-six techniques that were created to aid with personal care, helping to transform your health and well being, eradicating pains everywhere from your head to your lower back, and helping with a number of other ailments.

The Spring Forest Qigong Centre also offers something known as Qi-ssage Healing, which was created by Master Lin and is unique to this centre. Qi-ssage Healing combines some tricks and techniques used in ancient Chinese massage, as well as well as some basic Qigong practices. The course itself is a level 1 course, and one that can be taken at anytime, regardless of how advanced you are with your studies. The course comes bundled with a CD, a DVD and a manual.

Other Courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre

There are many other meditations, healing techniques and more available through the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. Some of these are bundled in with other courses, such as the SFQ Fundamentals course and their more advanced courses, but they are all available separately as well.

  • The Healing Connection: This is a teleseminar, and one of the few live teleseminars that are still available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. All students are invited to take part in these live calls, which are led by Master Lin, who guides you through some healing meditations and techniques. There is also a Q&A where you can ask Master Lin some questions directly, tapping into his vast well of knowledge. The calls last for an hour, and if you miss the live call you can simply download a recording as an MP3.
  • Rainbow Meditation: This level 4 course comes bundled with some of the events, courses and other packages that are produced by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. It can also be purchased as an extra, coming in the form of a CD or an MP3, with audio from Master Lin as he guides you into a deep, relaxing meditation, one that is aimed at developing your third eye. Considering your third eye plays a huge role in many of the advanced courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, including all of the level 5 courses, this is very important.
  • Butterfly Meditation: Guided by Master Lin, this simple meditation is essential for anyone looking to learn more about personal healing techniques, while improving overall well-being. In the words of Master Lin himself, the Butterfly Meditation is a “meditation of metamorphosis and transformation”.
  • Cancer Healing Meditation: The thing that many of us fear the most can be cured by simple Qigong techniques, using the power of compassion and love to overcome everything that it puts in our way.
  • Sun/Moon Meditation: These are intermediate courses that are available as separate guides or as part of the online and offline courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. They complement each other perfectly, with the goal of opening energy centres, improving confidence and increasing your healing potential.