Possible Medical Purposes for Tea?

Chinese are the earliest people who took advantage of the medical benefits of tea. For centuries, tea has been used to treat many diseases from cancer to constipation. Modern science has given us a great insight into how tea improves health. Studies suggested that a cup of tea may contain five times more antioxidants than fruits or vegetables. These compounds help keep your blood circulation system healthy, decompose fat, and improve brain functions and so on.

Here is a list of the effects tea has proven to have on the body as well as some of the possibilities medical professionals are only beginning to explore.

  1. Keeps blood circulation system healthy

A study conducted among more than 40,000 people showed that women who drink five or more cups of green tea daily had 31% lower risk of death from heart diseases than those are not.

  1. Sharpens your brain

Research has shown that caffeine in tea can improve brain activities. It helps shorten reaction time, enhance memory, and improve concentration. A cup of tea before afternoon meeting helps you relax and concentrate better. Green tea can lower the risk of dementia by regulating nerve synapses and blood sugar levels.

  1. Others

Drinking tea helps prevent blindness caused by cataracts. Active substances in tea help lower the level of inflammation and inflammation reactions. People in China use tea water to wash cuts and wounds. Research also found that drinking three cups of tea per day results in a reduction in the risk of ischemic stroke; however, the reasons remain unknown. Tea can also help brighten your skin and reduce wrinkles. It also helps relieve sunburn, as well as control oil and decrease acnes.

There is a wide range of different preventative health benefits for all kinds of tea as listed below.

Oolong helps prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria create acid, which is fermented from food and eventually leads to tooth decay. The polyphenols in Oolong tea help clean your teeth and get rid of the harmful substances. Also, drinking tea works extremely well removing garlic breath. If you are too lazy to brush your teeth after eating, a cup of Oolong can be an acceptable alternative. People in southern China have a cup of Oolong after meals to fight bad breath and protect their teeth. Some of them even add tea leaves in dishes, like seafood, to remove the unpleasant odor.

Black tea is magnificent in detoxifying heavy metals. Heavy metal pollution might result from different reasons – the petrochemical industry, electricity industry and mining industry. It has become a severe environmental problem. Lead poisoning is of the most fatal ones. Japan and China in fact have suffered from huge lead poisoning in last century. Lead poisoning can cause harm to the immune system and kills healthy cells. According to some studies, tea polyphenols can absorb heavy metal effectively. Scientists mixed together tea water with the mercury solution, and found out the mercury started to settle over time.

White tea is broadly used for medicinal purposes. According to Chinese medical science, it helps clean the liver and blood. Therefore, it’s used to relieve some liver or blood-related symptoms, such as headaches because of a hangover, high temperatures and even help alleviate bad tempers. One cup of white tea after a hangover helps reduce headaches because flavonoids in white tea help protect the liver, speed up decomposing alcohol, and decrease cell damage. Second, dihydromyricetin in white tea promotes healthy growing of liver cells and aids cell regeneration. These beneficial substances can eliminate alcoholic harm to your body.

Puer is known for its magic in weight loss. Tea polyphenols helps dissolve oil and grease without any side effects while the chlorophyll prevents your body from over absorbing cholesterol. Usually the fat digestion period lasts for 3 hours after meals. Puer helps decrease fat absorption and improve elimination. That’s why the nomads in western China fancy Puer so much. Their diet mainly consists of high fat food, lacking in fruit and vegetables. Puer helps digest fat intake and cleans extra fat.

Start drinking from now on, and begin protecting yourself earlier. Scientists suggest drinking two to three cups of tea everyday without sugar or other additives. Just like wine, there are many options. Find your favorite one, and schedule your tea program right away!