Tea Houses in Taipei: Review

  1. Wistaria (紫藤廬)

Address: No. 1 South Xinsheng Rd. Lane 16, Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan


Zi Teng Lu is not only a famous tea house, but also the first historic site approved in Taiwan.  Zi Teng Lu was the residence of the high-ranked officials by 1945. It became the residence of Professor Zhou Dewei in 1950s.  Professor Zhou was a well-known economist, had studied in Britain and Germany, and was a student of the Nobel Prize winner Friedrich August von Hayek. He liked to promote the discussion on Western and Chinese studies. As a result, his house became the gathering place for a lot of respectable scholars such as Yin Haiguang, Zhang Foquan in the 50s to freely discuss or argue with each other.  In 1970s, Professor Zhou moved to the United States, and his son Zhou Yu became in charge of the house, which became the shelter for participants in the democratic movement. And Zhou Yu continued to invite artists, dancers and singers including Lin Lizhen, Bai Xianyong to the house.

In 1981, this house was renovated and turned into a tea house by Zhou Yu. Zhou believes in the spirit of nature, and he wants to get a deeper understanding of Chinese philosophy by practicing tea ceremony. He named the tea house after the three old purple vines growing on the house.

During the past thirty years, there have been various cultural activities and exchange programs held in this house. People are brought together by their shared interest in tea culture. And it also becomes a cultural landmark in Taipei, where people can spend their leisure time on tea tasting, talking about culture and art, and staying away from the noise of the city center for a while.

What’s on the menu?

All the teas are written in calligraphy on the menu.


Gaoshan Oolong Tea

Wuyi Oolong Tea

Gaoshan Baozhong Tea

Muzha Traditional Tieguanyin

Yellow Mountain Wild Green Tea

Asamu Black Tea


Combos (A meal set includes an entrée in season, side dish, soup, dessert, and rice):

Steamed Fish with Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce and Jasmine Tea

Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper, Dressed with Oolong Tea

Crispy Duck Breast with Curcuma Flavor Couscous

Mixed Vegetables with Organic Chrysanthemum


* Available between 11:30am – 2pm and 5:30pm – 8pm



Green Bean Cakes

Pineapple Cakes

White Sesame Rolls

Coconut Balls

Almond Cakes

Date and Walnut Slices


Dried Mango


  1. Cutty Sark Tea House 卡提撒克‧英國茶館

Address: 4th Floor, 49 Nanhai Rd. Zhongzheng district, Taipei, Taiwan


Cutty Sark Tea House is located in the National Museum of History, and was open to the public in the summer of 2012. It is a perfect place for you to take a break and taste some tea after visiting some exhibitions in the museum. The architecture of this tea house used to be in the traditional Chinese style. The interior design is mainly inspired by ancient Chinese palace decorations, where there are orchids decorating the corners, and a row of benches you can sit by the window. Today the major structure of the tea house is still the same, except the interior design has switched to a British style. Looking out from the window, you can see a huge lotus pond in the arboretum next to the museum. In summer, the pond will be filled with pink and white blooming lotus, just like what you often see in a Chinese color and ink painting. And there are different kinds of birds flying around, singing about the beauty of the nature.

This tea house provides tea and desserts. And the tea will be served in a delicate tea bowl. To take a seat by the window, it is the best afternoon tea place for you to enjoy the sunshine and breeze.

What’s on the menu? The menu is simple. And every kind of tea you order comes with a snack of your choice.

Origin Tea:

Darjeeling Tea

Chinese Zhengshanxiaozhong Tea

Chinese Qimen Tea


Blender Tea:

Victoria Rose

Dream of Hawaii


Milk Tea:

Assam Milk Tea

Earl Grey Milk Tea


Flower Tea:

Violet, Lavender and Rose Tea


Chinese Tea:

Oolong Tea

Puer Tea


Others: tart, scone, and sandwich


3 YaoYue Teahouse 邀月茶坊

Address: 6 Zhinan Rd. Lane 40, Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan


The Yaoyue Teahouse is located in the Maokong area, which used to be one of the biggest tea-producing area, and now has turned into a very popular places for tea tasting and sightseeing. There are many trails to the peak of the mountain where you can overlook the city of Taipei in the daytime, or enjoy the glamorous city lights at night. Maokong area is famous for its production of Tieguanyin in the past, and nowadays there are still many teahouses for tourists and local visitors.

Yaoyue teahouse has completed a successful transition from a tea from to a modern tea house since 1993. It continues its mission to promote tea culture and to invite more people to experience the joy of drinking tea. What’s more, it is developing some pastries to eat with tea, as well Chinese style dishes. And the tea house provides spacious outdoor dining area under big umbrellas, and opens 24 hours a day. As a result, you can come and immerse yourself in the serene environment surrounded by big trees, and enjoy the wonderful view of Taipei during the day or night while drinking a cup of tea. Many people such as students, tourists or locals love to drink tea and chat there. And it is also a perfect venue for all kinds of occasions, such as reunion dinner, birthday party, banquet, etc.


What’s on the menu?


Tieguanyin Tea

Gaoshan Oolong Tea

Wenshan Baozhong Tea

Chrysanthemum Puer Tea


Dim Sum:

Steamed Creamy Custard Bun

Shaomai with Crab Roe

Yam Mochi

Red Bean Roasted Cake


Hot Pot:

Snow Tea Seafood Hot Pot

Rosemary Beef Hot Pot


Yaoyue Teahouse also provides different kinds of combos, and private home cuisines.