Where to drink tea in Beijing? Tea house recommendations in Beijing

Fu Ming Lou Tea House

The old styled decoration, quiet and calm, even the small furnishings are very delicate. Here, besides tea tasting, they offer some snacks to eat while you are drinking tea. They taste pretty good. Speaking of service, the tea specialists are very professional. In one word, it is great place for meeting with friends or for private meetings.

Address: 2nd Floor, Tower D, No. 2 Building of Hoter Park, Jiuxian Bridge, Zhaoyang District

Tel: 010-51306185 18515621185

Wang Fu Tea House

From the internal environment, the decoration of this tea house is very elegant. They have private rooms for dining. The server here says there are only 6 rooms. Thus, here to remind the customers who want to come here to dine, it is better to make reservation in advance.

From the service quality, all the servers dressed in Cheongsam have great attitudes and very polite, which suits the theme of this tea house. This place provides wifi with good speed. Before offering the food, the server will put utensils in front of each person. The placing of the utensil is very delicate.

Address: No. 26 Building, Hualiyiqu, Zhongyou Road, Chaoyang district (Across street of Gehua New Century Hotel)

Tel: 010-64252588

Tai Yuan Fang Tea House

On the Huguosi Street, you can enter from the side door of the Xintiandi. The environment is pretty good. The first floor is for sale, the second floor is the tea room and classroom. There is no room fee charged, only for the tea. Each room has very special decoration.

Address: West side of the first floor of Xintiandi, Huguosi Street, Xicheng District

Tel: 010-83286299


Yutai Oriental

Located on the right of entrance of Dingxiu Spring Town. Thanks for the enthusiastic staff for their instructions on the way to the place. The environment is quiet and clean. And the service is very warm. The quality of the tea is excellent. The ice cream is unique and delicious.

Address: Bing No. 801-802 European Style Commercia Street, Dingxiu Spring Town, Yanqi Town, Huairou District

Tel: 010-56389259

Lanting Yushu Sihe Tea House

Located in the busy alley of Xinjiekou North Avenue. This place feels like a mysterious garden. The layout of the green plant and the delicate decoration gives people a sense of paradise. The staff here are very warm. I feel pretty excited even after sitting down due to the nice environment. After checking the menu, I find a lot of high-quality tea. The variety of the tea makes it a nice place to drink tea and relax.

Address: No. 12 Banqiao Ertiao, Xinjiekou North Avenue, Xicheng District

Tel: 010-83223277

Guan Pin

The place is not large, located in the Wudaoying Alley, which is close to Yonghe Temple. It is on the right side of the entrance of Yonghe Temple. If you don’t pay attention, you will easily miss it. The decoration inside is simple and plain. Two tables, one bar table, this place cannot allow too many people here at the same time.

Address: No. 15 Wudaoying Alley, Dongcheng District

Tel: 010-57130759 15321388401