Alternative Uses for Tea Leaves After You Have Finished Brewing

Everyone knows tea is valuable, which has various health effects. Actually, the residue of the tea has big usage, too. Now, it will summarize the 10 magical tricks of tea residues.

First trick: a tea bath to beautify your skin

The green tea can give the skin a deep clean. It can soften the horny layer and whiten the skin. Collecting the tea residue. After drying the tea residue, put them in the cloth bag, and tie the bag and put it into the bathtub. You will feel the skin soft and smooth after taking the bath.

Second trick: tea leaves eliminate dark circle

The main reason that causes dark circle is because lack of sleep, overuse of eye, lack of vitamin B12 and others. Covering your eyes with the bag that filled with tea residue. It is the simplest and easiest way, which is convenient and cost efficient.

Method: Covering the eyes with the overnight tea bags. It can effectively ease the temporary dark circle caused by staying up and edema. Additionally, when you are making eye masks at home, you should put the warm tea bag on your eye. After 10 minutes, you should remove it and use the eye masks. It will accelerate the blood circulation around eye and better absorb the nutrition from the eye masks.

Third trick: DIY green tea face mask

The tea powder contains tannic acid, which can increase the skin elasticity and help with the skin healthy. Beside whitening the skin, the tea powder has anti-bactericidal effect. It also works well with acne and purulent on the skin.

Method: first, you mix the green tea powder and water in a box. The benefit is that the powder can dissolve in the water completely without particle. Then, you add glycerin and mix it well. Next, you can add ½ quantity of facial cleanser. Mixing it well. When you use it, take a small spoon, apply it on your face. Wait for 15 minutes and wash it away. Your face will immediately feel smooth and very comfortable.

Fourth trick: anti-wrinkle with tea sugar beauty method

The tea catechins contained in the tea is a natural antioxidant. It can increase the acitivty of superoxide dismutase, which is beneficial to clear the body of the free radicals’ lipid peroxide and useful to fight aging.

Method: after drinking the tea, filtering the tea residue out, mixed the tea residue with two teaspoon of brown sugar. Then boil it with water. Add flour and mixed them well. Put it on your face, after 15 minutes, clean your face with the wet towel. After one month, you skin will be moisturized and white.

Fifth trick: dried tea residue can absorb odors

Method: put the dried tea residue in the gauze bags. Then, you can put it in the fridge, it can get rid the smell of the fish and meats. If you put it in the kitchen, it can eliminate any odor generated from cooking. If you put it in the toilet, it can eliminate the odor. If you put it in the closet, it can absorb the cigarette smells attached to the clothes. If you put it in the shoes, it can eliminate the moisture and odor in the shoes.

Sixth trick: treat dermatophytosis

The tea contains large amount of tannic acid, which has strong bactericidal effect. It is especially effective to the filamentous bacteria.

Method: people suffer from athletes’ foot can use tea water boiled with tea to wash foot every night. After a while, the problem will be cured without other treatment. However, this method need to be persistent and will not have significant effect in a short period. It is better to use green tea. The fermented black tea has less tannic acid.

Seventh trick: use tea residue to wash away the greasy

Using the tea residue to clean greasy pots, bowls, tables and chairs made from wood and bamboo.

Eighth trick: tea can clean the dirt

If you keep using tea to wash your hair, your hair will become darker and shining. If you use normal shampoo first and then use the tea to wash it, it can clean up the extra dirt, which will make the hair darker and softer. It is 100% natural nutrition.

Ninth trick: dehumidification

If you put the dried tea residue in the locations with high level of humidity, it can use as dehumidification because tea leaves have strong absorption effect.

Tenth trick: wash the utensil with tea leaves

When you wash the utensil, pour a little bit tea residue on the cleaning cloth. It will make the cleaning easier, and make the utensil look like new. What’s more, it will leave a fresh smell.