Significance of Tea in the Traditional Chinese Diet

Tea is a staple in the Chinese diet, and it is also plays a crucial role in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tea has been harvested here for thousands of years, and it has been prized for its health benefits throughout that time. China is the home of green tea and, as well as being considered one of the 7 essential components of a daily diet in China, it has played a big part in the history of this region.

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What Causes Insomnia? A Look from a Chinese Medical Perspective

From a Chinese medical perspective, there are many reasons that could contribute to restless sleep and insomnia. With an increase in bad habits in modern society, such as irregular sleeping patterns, lack of exercise and an overall stressful life, people are now sleeping less and at a reduced quality more than ever…

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The Relationship Between Qigong and Healthy Skin

From a Qigong and Chinese medical perspective, there are two main areas that affect the quality of skin- the lung system and the digestive system. On the digestive side, people who eat oily, greasy, fried and fatty foods tend to have more oily skin and are prone to increased pimples and wrinkles…

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