New Technology for Brewing Tea Being Developed

Tea culture is the one of the representatives of the Asian culture. Using tea to treat friends is very common in mainland China. Another way to say it: serving guests with hot tea is the right way to take care your guest.

But if you want to brew a good cup of the tea is not easy. Sometimes, when there is visitor, the tea is normally not brewed yet before the tea coming, or the tea is already cold when the visitor is here. Have you ever think about throwing this trouble to the machine to complete?

But if you want the guests to accept the tea made by the machine is not easy. They will think the tea brewed like this will lost its Chinese element. Then, the machine really cannot replace traditional tea ceremony? It is possible to not only keep the tradition of Chinese Kongfu tea, but also give consideration to the requirements of the modern people in terms of convenience.

Different teas have different requirements in terms of tea and water ratio, water temperature, brewing time, and the number of times that need to be brewed. Recently, on the Suning website, there is a new product – 3 second instant brew machine. This instant tea brew machine has achieved 100,000 yuan investment for only 3 days.

This brew machine has several options in terms of water temperature: 25, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. So it can satisfy the taste requirements for different teas. When you brew the tea, you can select the temperature needed based on the type of the tea. The brew machine uses water electricity separation technology. So the temperature can be raised very quickly. The water will boil in 3 second. When the guest come, you only need to brew a pot of hot tea with the brew machine. The temperature is just fine. The brew machine can add water automatically. You can brew as many as you want. There is a flow metering sensor, which can control the output of the water in 150 ml, 300 ml, or 500 ml. It is very fast and convenient.

Not just the tea, you can drink the water of the room temperature of 25 degrees. It will not hurt your stomach. Using 60 degrees of water to make bill, it is convenient. Using 90 degrees of water to brew a cup of coffee, you can enjoy the life easily. This type of the brew machine satisfies different needs of different people. It is definitely worth adding it to your shopping list.