Testimonials about Qigong and How it Helps Heal People

Not convinced of what Qigong and the Spring Forest Qigong Centre can do for you? Then take a look at what others had to say about this practice, because the best way to get excited about something is to see just how beneficial it was for others.

All of these testimonials were taken from the SFQ website, concerning both their offline and online courses.

Healing Pains

One of the things that Spring Forest Qigong Centre focuses on is physical pain, whether it be caused by injury, illness or simply by bad posture. All of the following people had nothing but praise for the Spring Forest Qigong Centre after it helped to heal them of their aches and pains, ranging from minor issues to major problems:

Chronic Neck Pain: I was in a lot of pain. I had a very serious neck injury. At that time I could barely move my neck. I had a severe disc injury. I couldn’t turn my head at all to the side, not up or down, and I was in a lot of pain. It was impacting my life very, very severely. Doctors wanted to do a four level fusion on my neck. I started going to the [Spring Forest] Center … and practicing every day. I never did end up having the surgery. Qigong really has been a miracle cure for me.

Pain from a Serious Injury: “Four years ago I fell off a log and shattered my leg in lots of places and it broke in the knee joint, too. The osteo doctor I went to said, “Oh, you’re going to have debilitating arthritis. You’re going to need a knee replacement within five years. I kind of put out into the universe that I needed help healing my leg and Spring Forest Qigong ended up on my email. I learned about Chunyi through that. I ordered the CDs, Level One and Two and I did those and after four months I had to re-learn to walk again but the qigong helped me tremendously and it turns out that my leg healed perfectly. That joint line is flawless and there isn’t anything that I can’t do now that I could do before. And, in fact, I’m in better shape now that I’ve been in probably 25 years.”

Mental Health

One of the other things that Spring Forest Qigong can help with is mental health. It can ease anxiety, relieve depression and more. And that’s exactly what it did for all of these students:

Mental Clarity: Somehow the mental clarity I’ve been getting from qigong practice and the opening of my heart so I can interact better with the other people and give something valuable to them that combination has been really powerful. The last two years I’ve been probably doing my best work of my whole life.

Insomnia: “I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in several years– probably close to ten years. I was frustrated and looked for lots of different answers. Finally, when I came to Master Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong, I said, That sounds right.’ It resonated with me.”


There is no illness that the Spring Forest Qigong Centre can not help to heal, and the following students were suffering from an array of diseases that the work of the SFQ and Master Lin helped to ease:

Patient with Multiple Sclerosis: “It [Spring Forest Qigong] gave me my life back. It’s been everything for me. So impactful and so important. It certainly was a huge paradigm shift for me. I didn’t know anything about energy healing at all. I would certainly say that it’s worth checking out. It’s been amazing.

Patient with Fibromyalgia: “Fibromyalgia patients are missing delta wave sleep and that’s the sleep that makes you feel restored in the morning and we don’t have that. I actually sleep quite well on Wednesday night’s after I’ve had the qigong. It’s my little treat for myself.

Patient with Stage 4 Lymphoma: “I was very ill. The last two hospitalizations I didn’t think I was going to live. I really felt I was going to leave this body and move on. [Chunyi’s] imagery of the butterflies was the first time I could actually see the cancer cells leave my body. It was the perfect imagery for me. I sincerely feel the first time I heard that I let go my cancer cells. So much so that I had a Pet scan a week ago and all the cancer does not show. I know it’s the qigong that’s helped me, that’s made the difference.”