Health Effects from Tibetan Butter Tea

What’s the effect of the butter tea? Butter tea is a very famous tea of Tibet and the tea has many effects. It can prevent arteriosclerosis and aging. Then how to make the butter tea?


Butter tea is the daily necessity drinks for people in Tibet. It is also necessary for the living in the Tibetan Plateau. Firstly, it can cure the altitude sickness. Secondly, it can prevent the burst lip due to the dry weather. Thirdly, the butter tea can help cope with the cold weather. When the cold weather comes, the butter tea can help keep people warm. When you eat meat, it can oily level of the food. When you are hungry, you can drink it to satisfy your stomach. If you fell tired, you can drink it to keep your mind refreshed.

Tea contains vitamin, which can ease the damage caused by the insufficient supply of vegetables. The color of the butter tea is similar to that of cocoa tea. Take a sip of the tea, the aroma of the tea is very strong with the flavor of milk, which gives a special after taste.

Because of tea bricks contains high level of tannin, which stimulate the movement of the stomach and accelerate the digestion. If you drink the tea alone, you will get hungry easily. You have to add butter of milk butter with high level of calories. One sip will make your energized. It is indeed the good staff to enhance your strength.

One thousand years ago, the Tibetan Medical scientist Yusui Yundangong has described the nutritious benefits of Butter Tea has “Fresh butter tea can strengthen the body, which bring you energy and treat the fever.” It means the fresh butter tea can rejuvenate the energy, protect the skin from burst, and treat the febrile illness.

It is widely recognized that butter tea can “improve intelligence and increase the body’s heat”, “Top grade product with the effect of macrobiosis”, “improve body’s energy and prolong the life”. Tibetan medical believes that in the alpine environment, drinking butter tea can enhance the physical fitness, also increase the bodily fluids and moistures the stomach and gut.

Butter tea can generate high level of heats, which can help you cope with the cold. It is a very appropriate drink in Alpine Region.

The soup of the butter tea is very strong and thick. It can quench your thirst, keep your refreshed, prevent arteriosclerosis, anti-aging, anti-cancer and other functions. The aromatic substances in the tea can dissolve fat and help with digestion, especially for the people living in Tibet, where lacks fresh vegetable, fruits. There main diets are beef and lamb.

Because the lack of oxygen, the people in alpine areas urinate twice as much as the people live in the plains area. Therefore, they have to maintain the balance of the water and normal metabolism of the body. Additionally, tea drinking can compensate the lack of vitamin in the body. Beef and lamb are acidic foods. They will produce a certain amount of hydrogen ions after digestion, which will make the blood acidic and cause the gastric hyperacidity, constipation, fatigue and other symptoms. After drinking large amount of tea, the body will generate a certain amount of hydroxide ions, which will maintain the balance of the acid-base level in the body.