Different Teas for Different Times – When to Drink Tea Types

People who like to drink tea every day, might like to drink one certain type of tea. However, the professor Yang Li at the graduate school of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, tells the journalist that if you choose different type of tea based on the different status of body, it will make you healthier.

Drinking black tea during breakfast. There are many types teas, which people are most familiar with green tea, black tea, Oolong tea. And less common tea, such as white tea, yellow tea, and dark tea. Even the now trendy one as Pu-erh tea. You will find one you like among them. But which one to choose among all kinds of tea? Yang li says, because during sleep, the intestine is half resting, it needs to get back to the best status for work in the morning. Some people will have diarrhea after eating a little bit cold food in the morning. Thus, it is best to drink the black tea in the morning. However, you should drink it after eating breakfast. This is because the black tea has the highest level of caffeine among all the teas. The level of caffeine contained in black tea is twice that in Oolong, and 3 times of that in green tea. Drinking black tea with empty stomach will cause palpitation, frequent urination, people has gastrointestinal deficiency should pay extra attention.

Most Chinese people eat simple breakfast and usually in the rush. Few people will drink tea during breakfast. However, British people emphasizes a lot about breakfast. Their breakfast will include a black tea mixed with milk. It is recommended that have a cup of warm black tea in the morning to kill all the sleepiness and start an energetic morning.

In the afternoon, it is best to drink green tea. Around 3 pm, the brain is easily to get sleepy. It is recommended to drink green tea. Green tea is unfermented tea. It has higher level of polyphenols than any other type of teas. Thus, it has the strongest capacity of antioxidant. It can better eliminate the free radicals inside the body, maintaining body immunity. So, it can make your body relax. From the Chinese medicine perspective, a cup of green tea in the afternoon can clear your mind. Normally, the lunch is greasy. The green tea can reduce the lowering lipid and have the effect of hypoglycemic. Chinese medicine also believes that the liver temper is the highest in the afternoon, drinking green tea can ease the symptoms. It is recommended to brew the tea with water of 80 degree. It will make the tea greener and fresher. And it won’t cause damage to polyphenols. It has the greatest effect for health.

In the evening, it is best to drink dark tea or Oolong tea. Because the infecting of caffeine will make the neuro system get excited, and thus affect sleep. Therefore, a lot people is afraid to drink tea in the evening. In fact, different tea contains different level of caffeine. The dark tea has the lowest level of caffeine. Among all the common dark teas, the caffeine levels from high to low: Liubao tea brick, Yunnan ripped Pu-er tea, Ya’an Tibetan tea. You can first try these teas. People that sleep light might want to try Oolong tea that contains even lower level of caffeine.

Even though the green tea contains relatively low level of caffeine. However, it belongs to unfermented tea. It is not as mild as the later fermented dark tea and the half-fermented oolong tea. Therefore, it is recommended to drink dark tea and oolong tea in the night mainly. Most people eat dinner late. And there is not many exercise. Therefore, it is easily to gain weight and increase the risk of obesity. Research has already proved that oolong tea can help with weight loosing, which also explained why it is better to drink oolong tea after dinner.