Tea tips for nourishing the heart in the summer

With the coming of summer, a lot of people are starting to prepare for the tea beverages that help you ease the heat in the summer. Some people prefer to drink tea in the summer. However, there is benefits and drawbacks. Only the right way of tea drinking can be beneficial to your health. Otherwise, it will affect your body. The Chinese medicine expert will introduce the things that you need to pay attention to when drinking tea and which tea you should drink in the summer.

Nourishing the heart in the summer, 3 types of tea are highly recommended

They are lotus leaf, bamboo leaves, mint leaves. By the summer solstice, you can mix the three leaves (three to five grams of each) or choose one of them (5 grams to 10 grams of lotus leaf or bamboo leaves, 5 grams needed for mint leaves) to make the tea. It has very good to clear the heat inside the body, nourish your heart and good for the summer. If you do not like the bitter taste of the tea, you can use the green bean and the watermelon to replace it, meaning add a small chunk of fresh watermelon into the cooked green bean soup.

Things you need to pay attention to for the summer tea drinks

1: don’t drink strong tea

Tea normally can stay inside the human body for around 3 hours. The strong tea stays longer. Therefore, such excessive accumulation of theophylline in the body can lead to the neurological disorders. Because of the effect of the tannic acid in tea, it will reduce the function of the intestinal mucosa, which will lead to constipation. The amount of tea drink each day should be controlled at the level of 5 to 10 grams and better be divided into the 2 times.

2: don’t drink with empty stomach

It is said “Having a cup of tea likes a robber into a poor house”, which means you should not drink tea with empty stomach in the morning. Because drinking with an empty stomach, it diluted the gastric juice, reduce gastric acid function, impeding digestion and affecting the absorption of protein, which leads to inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

3: don’t drink overnight tea

When the tea is sitting there for too long, it will not only lose the vitamin and other nutritious substances contained, but it will easily turn bad. What’s more, the tannic acid contained in the tea will become strong irritant oxides, which can hurt the stomach and spleen. Especially in the summer, it will cause gastroenteritis.

4: don’t drink tea before sleeping

It is better not to drink tea two hours before sleeping. Otherwise, you will be too excited to sleep, leading insomnia. Elderly drink tea before going to bed will cause palpitation, anxiety, polyuria, and further affect sleeping quality. Insomnia caused by the tea drinking cannot be help with the sleeping pills.