Top grade ripe Pu-er tea – What you need to know

Selection of the tea leaves from the old tea trees on the several original tea tree mountains, made by experienced craftsman with 40 years’ history in making ripe Pu-er tea. Now, there has been the fourth generation of Wujin, one of the top grade ripe Pu-er tea. Now, editor has invited professional tea specialist to introduce you how to brew this top grade ripe Pu-er tea.

  1. Raise the tea

Breaking up the tea before raising the tea. It is suitable to use the red porcelain can. Fill the 2/3 of the can will the tea. The left space in the can is for the beneficial of the breath of the tea. You raise the tea for about 10 days, evaporating the water contained in the fresh tea. Then, it will help the tea get to the better condition when you drink it.

  1. Take the tea

Lift up the tea brick, in accordance with the texture of the tea, insert the pin several time, then you will be able to peel off an entire surface of the tea. Once the tea brick is breaking into smaller piece, then separate the tea leaves from the them. Try to keep the completeness of the tea leaves and avoid the strong bitterness caused by the broken tea leaves. Take an 8.5 gram of tea, selecting the two faces of the tea bricks and the middle part of the tea brick, controlling the flavor of the tea.

  1. Warm the tea ware

This process is essential. You must clean the tea ware with boiled water ahead of time. The Gaiwan must be warmed up completely. Your hand can feel the hotness of the Gaiwan, when you touch it. It is the most crucial step in keeping the flavor of the tea and also the important step let the water evaporation of the fresh ta. Boiling a whole kettle of water, making sure the water is enough to brew four rounds. The whole process should use boiled water.

  1. Wet the tea

Put the tea in the Gaiwan and dry steam the tea for 30 seconds. Let the temperature of the tea gradually raise and then brew it. Wetting the tea for two rounds. First round of the water, with medium volume water. Because the tightness of the ripe Pu-er tea is different than other tea. Therefore, the water need to inject into the Gaiwan faster along the edge of the Gaiwan. Let the tea roll in the bowl. Once the speed of the water bubble slows down, putting the cover of the Gaiwan back. This is better for the complete expanding of the tea leaves. The second round of water can inject slowly with smaller amount of water. During the process, you can smell of wood and caramel. The long lasting flavor can be preserved in the bottom of the cup.

  1. Ready to drink

Keep a peaceful mind, focusing on the tea in your hand. Medium volume of water, injecting from the fixed point, which is 2 to 3 cm from the Gaiwan. You need to keep your hand sable. The volume of the water cannot be changed suddenly, stopped and continued suddenly. You should pour the tea out 3 to 5 seconds after covering the Gaiwan for the first round. The second round of the tea can be poured out faster. After 3 to 6 rounds, adjust the waiting time according to your preference on the tea. For the 7 to 12 rounds, extending the waiting time to 7 to 10 seconds every round after. The sweetness of tea will stronger after 12 rounds.

Special reminder

To ensure the cleanliness of the tea, the first half of the rounds (before 8 rounds), wait for 3 seconds after taking the cover off in order to avoid the drop of water vapor, which will cause the separation of soup and water and the bitterness of the bottom.