Teas for Clearing Away Heat and Toxic Material

Many people like to drink a cup of “Grain Rain Tea” in the spring. Personally, I think the biggest advantage of the “Grain Rain Tea” is delicate and expensive, which cannot be brewed too many times. For people like us, it might be a relatively luxurious consumption. Therefore, I prefer choosing the “Grain Rain Tea” that is affordable.

  1. What is grain rain tea

As the name suggests, it is the tea picked up at the grain rain period. The weather during this season is becoming warm slowly. With the nutritious of the spring rain, it is the best season for tea to grow. In Xu cishu’ book it says “Grain rain time is the appropriate time for picking up the tea. Qingming is too early, beginning of the summer is too later, around the grain rain time, the timing is right.” It indicates that the tea leaves picked up during the grain rain time is neither too tender nor too old. It is the best season.

  1. Why is the grain rain tea can clear the heat?

The spring is the season for growth, the temperature is raising. It is the vital period for the body’s function. Therefore, people is easily get heated and feel tired.

Tea itself has the effect of clear your head, ease the polydipsia, help digestion, and diuretic. The Grain Rain Tea collected in this season, this time of the year is mild with plenty of rain. Therefore, it has good effect in clear the heat.

  1. Other benefits of the grain rain tea
    1. Killing the bacteria: the grain rain tea is affected by the season, so the tea leaves contains sufficient water level. It has rick amino acids and various vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, it has high level of biological activity, therefore, it can kill the bacteria effectively.
    2. Protect the teeth: Grain rain tea’s light green color, it works good in terms of plague effects. It has protective effect on the teeth.
  2. You should not drink fresh Grain Rain Tea

Grain rain tea is the fresh tea. However, the newly collected tea leaves need to be stored for around one month. It was placed mainly for the reason of making the tea oxidation. The complete oxidation of polyphenols, alcohols, and aldehydes, therefore, we can drink the tea in a more health way.

  1. Who should not drink grain rain tea?

The fresh tea can easily stimulate the gastric mucosa, therefore, the people has gastric acid or chronic ulcer should drink less fresh tea. And it is suggested those people to better consult before purchasing grain rain tea. No matter when did the tea leaves are picked up, from a health perspective, you should store it for more than half month before enjoy it.