The three world’s biggest tea trees – How big are they?

Many people drink tea that know the word “ancient tea tree”. With the growing popularity of Pu-erh tea, the ancient tea tree is becoming more and more popular. The ancient tea tree has received sought after more and more people. However, are there many ancient tea trees existing? Maybe the ancient tea tree you have seen or heard merely has a few hundred years. Do you want to know, how big is today’s ancient tea tree?

Jingxiu Tea Ancestor

The Fengqing county in Yunnan, located at 2,245 meter above the sea level. The tea tree is 10.6-meter-high and a circumference of 5.82 meters. The age of the tree is over 3,200 years. This tree has become the “No. one” in the Chinese tea industry. Within the radius of 100 meters of the tree, there are protection, such as no construction allowed, dumping wastewater and others. A massive protection measurement has been executed to protect the living fossil.

The No.1 ancient tea tree in Qianjia Village

This is the biggest wild ancient tea tree in the world. It grew up in the virgin forest at 2,000-meter attitude. The forest is located in Ainao Mountain in Qianjia village, Yunnan. The mountain is 25.6 meters high. Experts speculates that the tree is 2,700 year old. The No.1 ancient tea tree in Qianjia village was not found until 1991. In October, 2001, this ancient tree was adopted by a company. The surrounding area has been protected ever since. There are people guard the trees in turn throughout the year.

The wild ancient tea tree in the Mengku snowy mountain

The largest ancient tea garden in the world. The community of the ancient tea trees in the Mengku snowy mountain was discovered by people in 1997. At that time, the flourish plants growing in the mountain made it hard to walk through even for the wild animals. The majority of the tea tree are over thousand years old. The local government has released documents that forbid any forms of collecting tea leaves in the Mengku snowy mountain area. Unless, the purpose of the collecting is for scientific research needs.