Unknown Fitness Methods for Keeping Healthy

If you are looking for unknown fitness methods for keeping healthy you probably want something a little ‘out of the ordinary’ and unconventional for your fitness program. Possibly even something wacky!

By using unknown fitness methods you can keep things interesting and prevent losing interest in your regular workout routine. You can even incorporate some of the following activities throughout your day so that you don’t even notice the effort it takes.

Here are 5 unknown and unconventional ways to keep healthy:

Greasing the groove

This exercise concept was pioneered by a person named Pavel Tsatsouline. The basic idea of greasing the groove is to spread out your exercises throughout the day instead of having to do one long workout session. One way to do this is to associate a cue with your exercise. For example, after every-time you go to the bathroom you have to do 15 star jumps. Since you need to use the bathroom on a daily basis, you will be forced to exercise on a daily basis.

Stand More Often

Sitting for extended periods of time is associated with sedentary people and these individuals have a greater risk of getting type 2 diabetes. It also doesn’t help improve your posture and as a result your muscles will deteriorate from lack of use. This decrease in muscle mass will affect your resting metabolism.

By standing more often throughout the day you can burn as much as 20-50 calories extra per hour. This might not seem like much at first, but if you stood for only 4 hours a day that is potentially an extra 200 calories burnt per day.

Here are some ideas for standing throughout the day:

-stand while on transport: whether you are on the bus or train you can burn extra calories by forgoing the seat.

-stand while waiting in line: If you’re at the bank, doctor’s office, or wherever you are waiting to be served you can burn some extra calories by standing

-stand when you are working: if you work at a desk you can burn extra calories and get work done at the same time.

Weighted Vest

If you are going for a walk, or even a workout you can increase the calories burned with a weighted vest. The extra weight your body is made to carry will expend more energy and as a result help you burn more fat efficiently.

Ice Baths

The idea behind this is that cold exposure (such as an ice bath) forces your body to burn calories in order to heat your body up and raise its temperature. This process is called thermogenesis.

By exposing yourself to cold for limited periods of time you will be able to burn calories in the process.


Fasting doesn’t mean you go days without eating food! By limiting the hours you can eat food, you are able to limit the amount of calories you can intake within a day.

This could be as simple as not eating after 6pm.

By using these unknown fitness methods you will be able to keep healthy in an unconventional way.