Natural Upper Back Treatment – Holistic Approach via Qigong

Looking for ways to cure your back pain that don’t require any addictive drugs? In this article we’ll show you how Qigong, and in particular the courses, manuals and supplements offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, can fix your back pain and other pains. Many of us suffer from back pain, and upper back pain in particular. This is often caused by poor posture, and in this article we’ll show you how Qigong, as well as a few simple lifestyle changes, can help you to remedy this common ailment.


So, get ready to say goodbye to a lifetime of aches and pains and hello to a new, more comfortable and more enjoyable existence.




Qigong exercises are not strenuous and can therefore be performed by everyone. If your back pain is severe and crippling, then exercise may sound like a daunting prospect, but if you can stand straight, breathe deeply and move slowly, then you will not have an issue performing basic Qigong exercises.


Some of the exercises that all beginner students should understand include Breathing of the Universe and Moving of Yin and Yan, both of which you can find on the SFQ Fundamental course, which is a beginner’s course that covers a wealth of basics and prepares you for the life of a Qigong healer.




Not only can meditation help to clear your meridians, removing blockages and returning you to a state of optimal health, but the simple act of sitting still and straight for extended periods of time will also help with your posture. Meditation is an essential part of Qigong and is therefore included on all courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and as you advance through the levels at the SFQ, you will learn more and more complex meditations.


In all of these meditations it is important to keep a straight back and a straight neck. If you can not get comfortable sitting on the floor, then try placing a soft pillow or folded towel under your backside, creating a cushion for where your spine meets the floor. This should make it easier to sit comfortably and will also have less of an impact on your spine. It may be difficult to sit straight and stiff to begin with, but if you can make it through the first few sessions like this, then it will become easier.


The most popular meditations on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre include:


  • Small Universe: This is an essential level 1 meditation, and one that all Qigong students should know. It is included on the SFQ Fundamentals course and can also be purchased separately.
  • Temple of Heaven: This is a long meditation, but one that is available to students of all levels. In Temple of Heaven Master Lin guides you to a special place, one that can help you to unlock your potential.
  • Energy Breathing: This meditation focuses on deep breathing techniques, designed to promote a balanced flow of yin and yang energies in your body. It is included on the level 2 Qigong for Healing course.


Fix Your Lifestyle


Qigong can cure the pain and the discomfort and it can keep you healthy and happy, however, if you continue to slouch and you continue to do the things that caused you pain in the first place, then it may resurface. That’s why it is important to make some changes to your lifestyle while introducing Qigong at the same time.


  • Move: If you spend a lot of time sitting down, whether at a desk or at home, then make time to exercise. There are many Qigong exercises that can help with this, exercises that don’t require a lot of effort, but will work wonders.
  • Diet: Dieting and fasting play an essential role in Qigong — it’s not all about meditation and exercise. You need to make sure that you consume the right balance of hot and cold foods, and that you consume the foods that match your body type. You can learn more about this through a Qigong coaching session (these are available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre) or simply through some basic Qigong courses.
  • Support: There are back braces that you can buy to support your upper body when you sit. These will stop you from slouching, because they basically make it impossible to slouch. These supports work like wrist supports in that they consist of some flexible material and some stiff material, designed to hold your body into a certain position and to stop potentially harmful movements.