The Importance of Water for Health and Beauty

Many people think that it is complicated to maintain health for women over 30. They are not only spending a large amount of money on beauty care products, but also much energy to take care of the skin. Actually, the methods and tricks of health maintenance and wrinkle treatment for 30-year-old women are not as complicated as people think.

Most women at 30s will first pay attention to the functions of “anti-wrinkle” and “anti-aging” when they are shopping skin care products. Generally, a woman starts to have shallow eye wrinkles and eye bags at age of 25. At age of 30, forehead wrinkles increase, and crow’s feet occur. Though wrinkles will come up sooner or later, we can make effort to slow down some problems to happen such as some tiny wrinkles at the surface. Specifically, this happens because of dehydration or atrophy of cells at the skin surface by sunshine.

70% of components in bodies are water, and metabolism takes place in an aquatic environment. A lack of water will interrupt metabolism and cause dysfunction, especially for the skin, so whether wrinkles or pigmentation, they happen because of dehydration. When it comes to skin care, first thing is moisturizing. It includes both local and whole body moisturizing. But people always misunderstand the latter.

Most people drink water only they feel thirsty, especially young people and workers. It is common that they forget to drink water for a day if they are busy. They drink only after they realize they have to. But it shows the body has already dehydrated to a certain degree before you feel thirsty.

Water is crucial for every organ to run. Once dehydration reaches a level that blood osmotic pressure goes up, the body starts to transfer water to important organs. When you feel thirsty, you skin has already lost water and the skin damage due to dehydration already occurred when you forget to drink. Do not drink only when you feel thirsty, do drink at fixed time and with fixed quantity, especially if you care about your skin and are looking for ways to keep skin moist all day and night.

It is necessary to drink a minimum amount of 2000ml water per day, which is equal to 8 cups. It is better to do at fixed time in order to make use of water. Generally, the best time is sometime when you get up in the morning, sometime around 10 am, time between 15:00-16:00, and sometime before sleep. If you sweat due to exercise, shower or sauna, more water is needed.

If you want to enjoy water outside of its ordinary tastes, you can think about adding tea for flavor. There are all sorts of great-tasting green tea, oolong teas, as well as puer and white teas. Drinking lots of water on its own may seem “boring” to some people but with a little bit of flavor it can be in fact extremely healthy with a product like tea, which is full of antioxidant properties in addition to polyphenols and catechins.