China aiming to promote tea more to youth

China as the birthplace of tea is the first country that discovered and made use of tea. Tea is the best carrier of Chinese traditional culture, which has carried the five thousand history of Chinese civilization. Promoting tea culture to youth has become the most important step of the project of Chinese culture heritage. Therefore, during the two meetings, CPPCC National Committee Member and vice president of the China Tea Distribution Association, Chairman of Fujian Wuyi Tea Co., Ltd, He Yi-xin proposed to promote tea culture among youth to boost the “Tea as the national drink”.

He Yi-xin introduced, since the 21st century, on the one hand, we celebrate for the 21st century that would be the century for Chinese tea, and on the other hand the development of tea industry and tea culture has entered a difficult time. He offered a group of statistics: the average consumption of tea per capita is far behind the big tea consumption country. In 2014, the average tea consumption in Turkey was 6.9641 lbs, ranked the first in the world. Northern Ireland ranked the second at an average consumption of 4.831 lbs. The average consumption of tea is 4.281 lbs for British, ranked number 3. However, the average consumption of tea in China is only 1.248 lbs, only ¼ of that of Turkey’s, ranked at the No. 19th. People are all familiar with “Tea as a National Drink”. However, till today, it is still just a slogan.

To really push the “Tea as a National Drink” forward and make it true, He Yi-Xin think it can start with youth.

“I suggest we officially introduced tea culture into the education for elementary and middle schools students. Let the tea culture and tea knowledge enters the classroom. Writing Tea culture, tea ceremony into the textbook, and conducting tea activities in the schools; establishing science education practice base.” In his perspectives, increasing the promotion and education of tea culture among primary and secondary schools, it cannot only strengthen the understanding and love of tea for youth but also foster their kindness, filial affection, developing a humble fraternity, civilization, and good habits during the learning process of tea and drinking tea. Therefore, they can inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

Tea is also beneficial for the healthy growth of youth. “The world Health Organization has recommended 6 types of healthy drinks; tea ranks the top.” He Yi-xin says, “Tea contains more than 700 nutritious and substances that are good for human body. For example, tea contains fluoride; drinking tea at a proper level can inhibit the growth of oral bacteria and prevent the occurrence of dental caries. Another example is tea polyphenols can help with detoxification, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-radiation, and it can also help improve the body’s functions, help growth and development and improve physical fitness if one drinks tea for a long time.

“I recommend the government to encourage firms to do more promotion targets the public, promoting the benefits of tea drinking and plan tea-related events, and fostering the habits of drinking three cups of tea every day to youth. Drinking a cup of tea when you wake up, it actives the energy of life; drinking a cup tea before class, it keep you awake and improve the efficiency of study. Drinking tea after lunch, it will eliminate the sleepiness and maintain strong energy.” He Yi-xin says.

“Moreover, tea association, tea culture research, tea distribution Association and others need to act, jointly launch tea culture activities in organizations, enterprises, schools, communities, and families.” When targeting young people, based on the characteristics of liking convenience and time-saving, he encourages tea companies to do more discovery and research their way of tea drinking and innovate the flavor of tea drinks that fits their need.

“I also recommend government launch incentive policies, strengthen the promotion and education of tea culture with Youth and actively guide their learning, understanding of tea to realize the goal of “Tea as a national drink”. Once the youth forms the habit of drinking tea, it can improve the overall physical fitness of future generation, revitalize the Chinese tea industry, promote the economic development, which will have an invaluable role.