Black Tea Cakes

Explore a diverse array of Black Tea Cakes crafted with the finest tea leaves from Asia. Hand-picked and carefully pressed in forest environments within tea mountains. Our products range from the latest yearly harvest selections to commissioned products like Lemon Black Tea. We also carry a popular Gu Shu cake that derives from an old tea tree in Taiwan.

Most Black Tea Cakes on the market use low quality harvests that are geared toward mass consumption than quality. While this trend is starting to change, we have already done our due diligence. All our cakes are selected from trusted farmers and tea masters.

All products are Gourmet quality and offer an unparalleled taste experience.

  • Gourmet Lemon Black Tea
    • Gourmet Lemon Black Tea
    • Gourmet Lemon Black Tea

    • $25.00$69.00
    • Premium Lemon Black Tea. High Mountain Black Tea infused with organic lemons grown in Taiwan. A perfect gourmet tasting tea that is refreshing & tasty. Available in loose leaf tea format or as a 100g tea cake.
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  • Taiwan Old Tea Tree Black Tea