Hei Cha

Discover Hei Cha, or Dark Tea, a prominent tea category. Our premium selection hails from Hunan and Sichuan, offering Liu An, Liu Bao, and more, including aged options.

“Hei Cha” translates as “Black Tea,” but it’s distinct from the black tea you know. It’s a fermented, Dark Tea that uses a wet piling method for production. Water is sprayed onto loose tea leaves, which ferment in a hot, humid space. Microbes transform the tea’s aroma, taste, and appearance, creating its famous profile. This process replaces traditional and lengthy aging techniques. The end result is a tea that is dark colored, smooth and earthy.

While Dark Tea can be aged, top varieties mature for years, resulting in a darker appearance and even richer flavor. Fermentation and aging reduce bitterness, enhance mouthfeel, and create a unique, sought-after taste. Dark Tea is brewed with boiling or near-boiling water, often steeped for several minutes. It’s difficult to over-brew, offering a deeper flavor with longer steeping. You can re-steep the leaves multiple times, maximizing their value.