Aged Puerh Tea

Aged Puerh Tea refers to Puerh harvested and stored for at least 7 years. Our products in this category come from trusted tea lineages that produce premium grade Puerh and maintain strict storage monitoring. Each product has been personally sampled by us, and chosen for its production standard, flavor profile, and Qi quality.

Aged Puerh is mainly divided into 3 categories: Semi Aged Puerh (7-20 years old); Vintage Puerh (20-40 years old) and Antique Puerh (50-100 years old). Our collection includes products from each category and includes popular varieties like Tongxing, Gongting, Yellow Seal, Red Seal, and more. Acquiring such teas are a result of our long-standing relationships with tea farmers and various tea associations. Aged Puerh Tea is highly prized in Asia, reflected in its pricing. We believe you will relish these unique selections and discover a sense of tea history with each sip.

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