Gourmet Yunnan Black Tea

This Yunnan Black Tea is a Gourmet & Organic selection. It has strong Qi and high caffeine without the jitters. It is one of the most premium Sun Dried Black Teas to come from China and is our flagship Premium Chinese Black Tea.

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Yunnan Black Tea is considered the most gourmet black tea in China. This is due to shared tea crops with Yunnan’s flagship tea – Puerh. Tea trees used to produce such black are wild grown, healthy aged trees. This gives the black tea a very bold and unquietly strong flavor compared with other black teas.

This Yunnan Black Tea is sun dried, meaning it uses a sun drying process instead of a machine one, to dry the tea. This process is much more time consuming and expensive, but leads to a higher quality tea. The village where this tea is grown also utilizes other traditional methods passed down from local farmers. The large leaves allow for higher caffeine saturation compared to smaller leaves.

This flagship black tea of Qiful Life is suitable for those who want a strong black tea that is bold, fresh and highly energetic. We fell in love with this at first sip, and trust you will as well.

  • Tea Type: Loose Leaf black tea in 25 gram amounts.
  • Function: Alertness and refreshment.
  • Tea Region: Lincang Prefecture in Yunnan, China
  • Season: Spring 2024
  • Caffeine Level:  High caffeine.
  • Time of Day to Drink: Morning Tea.
  • Hand Picked Tea: Yes.
  • Forest Tea: Yes.
  • Tea Quality: Gourmet level, Competition Grade.
  • Flavor: Strong and bold, but not overpowering. Highly fragrant and rich.
  • Single Origin Tea: Yes.
  • Tea Steep Method: 4-5 grams steeped for 20-30 seconds.
  • Qi Strength: Strong Cha Qi “Tea Qi”.
  • Attributes: Organic. Gourmet Tea. Sun Dried.


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