Aged Tea

Aged tea refers to tea produced and stored for at least 7 years. It includes Vintage Tea (20-40 years old) and Antique Tea (above 40 years old). Tea reaching 70-100 years is considered rare.

We source these teas from our tea lineages spanning two centuries, tracing back to the Second Opium War period (1856-1860). These lineages not only pass down tea-making knowledge but also preserve records and limited supplies of their prized selections. Having a tight lineage with records is crucial, as not all aged teas are of good quality.

Our products in this category, including aged loose leaf teas, tea cakes, and bricks, are stored in sealed packages or cartons in non-moldy, dry environments, free from dust, pollution, and sunlight exposure. Most are known for their stronger “Qi,” as tea nutrients transform over time.

Explore our collection of products, ranging from 1970s Tibetan Tea to 70-year-old Black Tea, and a variety of Aged Puerh Teas between 20 to 100 years.

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