Tenmoku Tea Cups

Tenmoku Tea Cups, or Jianzhan, is a form of artistry that recreates the Song Dynasty’s high-temperature wood-burning techniques to craft premium teacups. This art has seen a gradual revival over the past two decades in Asia and gained significant popularity in Taiwan since 2013. Taiwan has now established itself as a hub for producing the highest-quality Tenmoku tea ware.

The quality of Tenmoku tea cups varies, akin to variations in tea and other tea ware. Material quality, artistry, drying processes, and meticulous oversight all play pivotal roles. In Taiwan, handmade products from local Jianzhan-style pottery masters dominate the market, distinguishing themselves from China, where machine-produced items prevail. Taiwanese products are renowned for their use of superior materials, setting them apart in the industry.

Our collection features handmade Tenmoku cups crafted by local artists across Taiwan. These pieces capture the essence of Song Dynasty artistry and spirit. They’re not only perfect for savoring Green and Oolong teas but also make exceptional gifts or decorative art pieces.