Yixing Zisha Teapots

Browse a wide variety of Yixing Zisha Teapots. Premium & aged teapots from renowned Zisha pottery makers in China. Only authentic Zisha clay from Yixing, China is used.

Zisha is Yixing, China’s revered teapot clay. It is known for having pores inside, allowing Dark Tea and Puerh Tea to breathe more effectively. Mining of the clay was banned in 2005, which has left only 2 scenarios. The first is remaining Zisha clay pots that were created before 2005, which are now considered aged Zisha teapots. Such pots are considered collector items and can sell for very high price tags. The second scenario is Zisha clay that was purchased prior to 2005 but then later made into teapots as the years followed. The latter scenario is where a lot of counterfeit products have been produced so without knowledge of a reputable dealer it is hard to find authentic pots or cups.

Zisha clay material used includes Hong Ni, Duan Ni, Zi Ni and Da Hong Pao.