Puerh Tea

This is a Signature Puerh Tea of Qiful Life. Sourced from the Daizu People in the Xishuangbanna Region of Yunnan, China. Aged & Dry Stored since 1990. 12 Tea Bags for a Total of 36G.




This is a Signature Ripe Puerh Tea of Qiful Life. Sourced from the ancient Daizu People in the Xishuangbanna Region of Yunnan, China. Aged & Dry Stored since 1990. Affordably priced and now available for mass consumption.

This Puerh Tea is available in Tea Bags and Loose Leaf formats. Tea Bricks available by request.

  • Function: Great for Digestion.
  • Tea Region: China’s southern Xishuangbanna area in Yunnan.
  • Season: Summer 1990.
  • Caffeine Level: Mid Caffeine.
  • Time of Day to Drink: Morning or Early Afternoon.
  • Hand Picked Tea: Yes.
  • Forest Tea: Yes.
  • Tea Quality: Gourmet Puerh Tea.
  • Flavor: Raw, Sweet and Warming.
  • Single Origin Tea: Single Origin Tea from Yunnan’s deep forest environments.
  • Tea Steep Method: 3-5 grams steeped for 20-30 seconds.
  • Qi Strength: Medium and Balanced Qi.
  • Attributes: Organic. Post Fermented.


Q. How are you able to sell this Puerh Tea at such an affordable price?

A. Due to our relationship with tea masters in the region, we acquired a large amount – roughly an entire warehouse of this harvest. It is only through such an investment and relationship that we can sell this aged selection at such an affordable price. Current new harvests of Puerh are exceeding our pricing.

Q. How is quality and production standards overseen?

A. We store all of our teas in Taiwan. Any tea entering from China must undergo national testing and certification to ensure they are organic and free from pollutants, which is the case with this selection. Moreover, the Xishuangbanna region is one of the least polluted and respected nature areas in China. The Daizu people are known for only using traditional means to produce their teas, which aids to the unique taste profile in the region.

Q. Does Puerh Tea have Caffeine?

A. Puerh tea does have small amounts of caffeine. The caffeine intake on this harvest is very light and does not produce the jitters.

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2 Tea Bags – 6G, 12 Tea Bags – 36G, Full Brick

More Information

More Information
Water Temperature: Full Boil
Quantity: 3-5g per Each Steep
Steep Time: 20-40 Seconds


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