Aged Black Tea

Aged Black Tea is defined as black tea stored for over 7 years. At Qiful Life most of our products in this category are 20 years and above, with some selections aged as many as 70 years plus. It is some of the most sought out and expensive tea for tea collectors, falling after Puerh. Some tea experts even believe such tea is even more rare since production and storage has been comparatively less from the 1950s through the 1980s. We have found that in terms of high quality aged teas, black tea has been much harder to acquire.

Lapsang Souchong, otherwise known as Zhongshan Xiaozhong, is a common black tea today but there are few vendors that serve this aged. We currently have such products that go back over 30 years to 70 years plus. Broken Black Tea (Cuihong) meanwhile is another rare black tea over 40 years old that is also in our possession.

As we obtain such teas we will continue to update this list. We partner with an esteemed vendor in Asia who has warehouses full of premium aged tea. Only when he chooses to dig through his reserves and bring such teas to light do we get a chance. Supply is very limited.