Storage for Loose Leaf Tea

Browse storage for loose leaf tea. Premium tin & clay selections available including Zisha clay material.

Tea storage is divided into 2 types: dark tea and light tea storage. For darker teas such as Puerh, Tibetan Tea or even black tea, these can be directly placed into a storage container provided it is clay. Such teas should not be placed into a tin container unless they are wrapped in a tea preservation bag. The signature Qiful Life Black Tin is a great solution.

Light tea is commonly taken out of preservation bags and poured directly into tins. In some cases, tea is served directly within the tin. Neither of these scenarios are ideal for tea, and typically result in freshness loss. Tin material temperature changes too easily depending on climate conditions and subjects teas to taste volatility. We recommend keeping whatever light tea you have in its bag of purchase and then sealing that with a tin seal.