Tibetan Tea

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Tibetan Tea, a type of “Heicha” or Dark Tea, hails from Sichuan and Hunan Provinces, China. It distinguishes itself from other Heicha types like Liu Bao and Liu due to its comparatively darker and heavier flavor profile.

We source these teas from reputable vendors in Hunan and Sichuan Provinces, as well as collectors in Tibet, ensuring the highest standard and quality. Our main 1990 and 1970 Aged selections in particular come from the Ya’an located in Sichuan, which is also known as the border tea area.

All selections are rich, full-flavored tea produced from a lengthy oxidation and fermentation process. There is a mild sweetness, yet robust notes of wood. Such teas are best known for aiding in digestion and produce a strong heating sensation within the body known as strong Qi, or Cha Qi.

Whether sipped as part of traditional yak butter tea or in the Chinese gong style, tea from Tibet should be part of your lineup.