Premium Grade GABA from One of Taiwan’s Top Tea Masters. Made with Puerh Tea Leaves – the First in the World and Superior to its Oolong Counterpart. A Must Try for Any Tea Consumer. Known for Having Calming Properties due to GABA Processing as well as L Theanine.


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GABA tea is so named because it’s loaded with gamma-aminobutyric acid, a chemical that has been linked to all tea but in very small doses. What makes GABA formulated tea unique is that it contains at least 10x more of this calming chemical than other tea varieties. In fact, for a tea to be given this label, it must have at least 150mg of GABA per 100g of tea.

Also known as Gabalong (from “GABA” and “Oolong”), GABA tea was first produced in Japan by the National Institute of Vegetables and Tea Science. They found a way of converting glutamic acid to GABA in tea without affecting antioxidant or caffeine content.

The process begins before the harvest. Tea bushes are placed in the shade to promote the production of glutamic acid. After harvesting, the leaves are then cured in an oxygen-free environment (created by displacing all oxygen using nitrogen) for up to 10 hours.

Not only does this method produce a tea high in GABA and polyphenols, but it also makes for a delicious drink with a depth of flavors.

Benefits of GABA Tea

There have been many studies performed on GABA. Below are a few along with published sources from reputable studies:

  • Significantly reduces levels of acute stress compared to typical oolong tea. In one study, 30 participants were tested and self-reported their stress levels, noting major improvements. (source)
  • Helped to alleviate depression in rodent subjects, with indications that the same effects could apply to humans. (source)
  • Protects against oxidative stress thanks to the high content of polyphenols. (source)


Should I drink GABA tea in the morning or at night?

It’s often said to have calming properties, but it also contains a small amount of caffeine. It is best consumed in the morning or no later than mid afternoon.

Can I drink it every day?

Yes. It’s a natural product and is perfectly safe for regular consumption.

About Qiful Life’s Signature GABA

Our GABA is a one of kind Puerh Gaba produced on private estate farmlands. We use Puerh Tea trees imported from Yunnan China that were brought to Taiwan in the early 200s. Although we also do produce GABA Oolong, we found the Puerh variety more enjoyable and balancing.

We currently offer GABA in tea bag format. For loose leaf options, simply open the tea bags and pour into your tea pot.

Additional information

Tea Type

12 Tea Bags – 36G

More Information

More Information
Water Temperature: Full Boil
Quantity: 3-5g per Each Steep
Steep Time:  20-40 Seconds


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