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Excerpt from Beginner Qigong Class

Online Classes

Beginner Qigong

Available Now!
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This Qigong for Beginners course is one of the most effective and easy to use Qigong classes available. It is derived from one of the most ancient Qigong lineages in China known for cultivating Qi and wellness.

Intermediate Qigong

Available Now!
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This Intermediate Qigong Class builds on the Beginner class with 3 extra movements. Many Qigong masters practice this series daily and consider the movements some of the most comprehensive & effective Qigong classes available.

Advanced Qigong

(Coming in Early 2024)
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A comprehensive Advanced Qigong course for serious practitioners looking to transform their Qi and explore the full potential of Qigong.

5 Color Light Meditation

(Coming in Early 2024)
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Based on the Tibetan Tea Lung tradition, this 5 Color Light Meditation invokes different colors and ends with a rainbow blend in the body to produce balanced Qi.

Rainbow Meditation

(Coming in Early 2024)
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An advanced Tibetan Tsa Lung practice, the body imaging rainbow drops entering and flushing out toxins. This practice is particularly known for its healing and transformative effects. 

Mindfulness Meditation

(Coming in Early 2024)
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Mindfulness made simple. We incorporate various Samantha and Vipassana exercises into simple courses meant to help you discover mind and bring about more clarity. 

And many more to come….

Full Podcast Interviews

Full interviews instead of YouTube Clips. In-depth conversations related to Qigong, Meditation as well as spiritual topics related to Daoism, Buddhism and more...

Excerpt - Recent Interview with a Qigong Master

Deconstructing the Universe

In this series we go into deconstructing the universe from a Buddhist perspective. From the concepts of emptiness to karma, how consciousness arises, spirit and more. 

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We go in depth into what it means to have free will; what the concept of fate is vs. Karmic conditions and how to live a meaningful life amongst it all. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

We dive deep into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts and cover meridians, fasting and longevity. 

Tea Drops

Be the first to know about our highly limited supply teas when they come to market. These tea drops come as our farmers produce select batch teas that are otherwise not made public. Selections also include Aged Teas as our warehouses release such products.

Rare & Aged Teas Reaching 100 Years Old

100 Year Old Plus Oolong - Rare Collector's Oolong

Highly Limited Competition Grade Small Batch Teas

Hong Ying 'Red Seal' Raw Puerh Tea from Wistaria Tea House

Exquisite Handmade Teaware Selections

Zhou Guizhen - Yixing Zisha Teapot Master on top of hand

And much more to come….