Xiaguan Tea

Explore Xiaguan Tea Factory’s offerings from Yunnan, China, where you’ll find aged and premium Puerh and Fermented tea selections.

Xiaguan Tea Factory, with over a century of experience, is renowned for its exceptional teas. Situated in Dali City, western Yunnan, this bustling factory emerged from the merger of several smaller tea companies. It gained prominence in Chinese tea history by introducing mushroom and tuocha pu’er teas, characterized by their distinctive compressed shapes.

Xiaguan Tea Factory also offers bagged and boxed teas, including Xiaguan Tibetan Baoyan, Jia Li Tuocha, Jinsi Tuocha, Horseback Tuocha, and Xiaguan Baoyan Mushroom. These unique molds and elegant packaging house teas crafted using a fermentation process developed over 50 years ago.

This method involves stacking tea leaves and misting them with water, followed by exposure to hot and humid conditions. Beneficial microbes transform bitter compounds into milder flavors, resulting in teas with a rich character encompassing wood, spice, pepper, silk, earthy notes, and subtle natural sweetness.

Xiaguan is celebrated for producing China’s finest fermented teas. Explore a variety of curated selections.