Exploring the Meditative Artform of Qigong

Qigong is a meditative art-form that is practiced by proponents of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a number of physiological and psychological benefits. Quitting translates as “Life Energy Work, with the “Qi” referring to the body’s life energy. History of Qigong Qigong has grown over thousands of years, adapted and tweaked by its proponents. It […]

Qigong and Meditation for Stress – How Breathing Relieves Anxiety

Qigong and meditation are centralized on one key aspect – breathing. While most people are probably going to say, “Um, yea I think I know how to breathe at this point in my life,” this is not the type of breathing we are talking about. Most people do not realize this, but while busy with […]

SFQ Fundamentals Small Universe – Qi Balance through Meditation

The Small Universe is an audio meditation exercise found in the SFQ Fundamentals course book and DVD/CD package that also includes Level 1 SFQ active Qigong exercises and a handbook on the theory behind the exercises. The meditation is centralized around balancing the two main energy points in the body called Ren and Mai in […]

A Look Inside Level 2 Spring Forest Qigong – SFQ for Healing

Following our review of Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) Fundamentals Level 1, it is now time to introduce how Qi can be used for the benefit of healing others. In SFQ Level 2, the entire book is aimed at this, and focuses on introducing more Qigong theory, healing techniques and methods for cultivating healing energy to […]

A Look Inside ‘Level 1 Spring Forest Qigong – SFQ Fundamentals’

For anyone interested in entering the world of Qigong under the Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) system, the most important material for you to get started is undoubtedly the Level 1 book and CDs packaged together in what is known as SFQ Fundamentals. Within this package, the Level 1 book introduces the basics of Qigong theory, […]

Qigong Healing – Global Qi Healing Appointments for Optimal Health

Currently there is one main organization that offers Qigong Healing and is a licensed NGO that has been running for 20 years – Spring Forest Qigong. Based in Eden Prairie, MN, the organization offers a number of healing packages based in person and through distance healing. Spring Forest Qigong Founder Chunyi Lin is the main […]

Qigong for the Disabled – Exercises with Limited Movements

Being disabled does not necessarily mean being unable to perform Qigong practices. Qigong in fact can be performed sitting or lying down, and is not even limited to movements but in fact visualizations and sounds as well. In terms of movements, Spring Forest Qigong has a number of exercises that are traditionally performed standing but […]

Alternative Chinese Medicine – Lowering Blood Pressure with Qigong

One of the most common illnesses among people in the 21st century is high blood pressure. It is estimated that 1 in every 3 adults in the US have high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The center also states that money spent on to cure the disease exceeds over […]