Loose Leaf White Tea

Loose Leaf White Tea has traditionally been limited to mid-grade production. While many tea farmers pride themselves with Puerh, Oolong or Green Tea production, few have taken on creating Premium grade white tea. After years of working with farmers across China and Taiwan, we have secured some of the most unique and premium tasting white tea available in loose leaf form.

Newly Harvest Options

Available on limited supply. Selections may include Silver Needle and Gold Needle options. Our flagship product is a White Peony Baimudan harvest.

Aged White Tea in Loose Form

Aged White Tea is rare in the market and is rarely stored for more than 7 years. However, due to our special connection with a Fujian Tea Collector we have access to various speciality aged white teas.

White Blends

Included in this lineup is a Puerh White tea blend when supply is available. More blends to be added soon.