The Ancient Chinese Practice of Fengshui

Translated as “Wind-Water”, fengshui is an ancient Chinese practice of becoming harmonized with your surroundings. Fengshui is an essential part of Chinese life and of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but its focus is on homes, businesses and other buildings, as opposed to the human body. Fengshui is still focused on Qi though, and the aim of […]

What is Qigong? A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Balance

The practice of Qigong – also spelled ‘Chi gong’, depending on the Romanization used – is a 4,000-year-old practice originating from China. Qi means energy and gong means “to work with” so Qigong literally means, “to work with energy.” While still relatively new to the West, Qigong is nothing mystical or esoteric. Tens of thousands […]

What Chinese Medicine Teaches us about Gua Sha

Gua sha is a type of Chinese medicine treatment that uses scraping along the body’s meridian channels as well as various acupressure points to move stagnant blood and lymph from the subcutaneous fascia. Typically, an object such as a round-soft edge stone or a scraping device that resembles a shoe insert is scraped repeatedly throughout […]