Tea with Flavonoids – Health Benefits and Disease Prevention

The health benefits of tea are primarily attributed to its polyphenols content. Flavonoids are polyphenolic compounds that appear in tea, cocoa, fruits, vegetables and wine. Flavonoids contribute significantly to taste and color, and help maintain certain normal, healthy body functions. A diet rich in flavonoids is generally associated with helping to maintain normal, healthy heart […]

Tea Phenols for Healthy Living- Benefits of Polyphenols in Tea

Hundreds years ago, Chinese started to drink tea for medical purpose and it was even recorded that in ancient times, Chinese doctor used tea to improve appetite and decrease headaches. Moreover, they encourage people use tea to clean their teeth after meals. As the development of the modern medicine, the benefits of drinking tea have […]

Tea Catechins and Cancer Prevention

Doctors in China have long been talking that green tea and puer tea can prevent aging and cancer. Even scientists in Europe and the United States have begun to attach importance to teas, and are now discovering the connection between tea and weight loss, cardiovascular disease prevention, as well as diabetes and hypertension reduction and […]