Puerh Tea Bricks

Puerh Tea Bricks are an expression of Yunnan, China tea making. They come from harvested loose leaf tea pressed into brick format for taste preservation and storage. Puerh Tea Bricks are largely from old arbor, large leaf varieties found in southern Yunnan, particularly from the Xishuangbanna area.

The Daizu people are some of the most well-known makers of tea brick making within Xishuangbanna. They use traditional hand pressed methods instead of machines, which has increasingly become the norm in other regions. The end result is a more natural tasting product that captures local taste and nutrient quality.

Tea bricks are an expression of tea making. Farmers choose between tea cakes, loose leaf options, tea bags and bricks. Some harvests are believed to be best preserved with different formats, and it really depends on the farmer.

All products in this selection are sourced only from trusted farmers with premium quality standards. Dry stored in Asia and imported to the USA. Aged & regional options available.

  • Aged Large Leaf Old Arbor Puerh Tea from 1990
  • Aged Zaoxiang Puerh Tea
  • Puerh Tea
    • Puerh Tea
    • Puerh Tea

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    • This is a Signature Puerh Tea of Qiful Life. Sourced from the Daizu People in the Xishuangbanna Region of Yunnan, China. Aged & Dry Stored since 1990. Options include 2 Tea Bag samples, a box of 12 tea bags for a total of 36G, or a full brick of 200 grams.
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