Tea Cups

Browse a wide selection of tea cups. We carry various types of high end tea cups that represent craftsmanship and artistry from hard winning pottery makers in Asia.

Handmade vs. Machine

All our products are handmade from local pottery masters with the exception of certain Lin’s Factory imports. We pride on sourcing from renown artists that believe handcrafting a product has more genuine feel and experience compared to a machine.


A rare lineup of Zisha teacups are available. Most remaining Zisha clay following the mining ban in 2006 is used for teapots. Most appropriate for Puerh Tea sipping.

Tenmoku (Jianzhan)

Handcrafted Tenmoku tea cups also known as Jianzhan tea ware replication of Song Dynasty selections. A blast back in time to ancient teaware making. Best suited for Green, Black and Oolong teas.

Other Clays and Porcelain

Selections include Taiwanese rare rock minerals used for cup and tea pot making. Suitable for Roasted Oolong, Black and Puerh Tea.