Vintage Puerh Tea Aged Over 100 Years

A Very Rare Puerh Tea Dating Back Over 100 Years Ago. Strong Cha Qi “Tea Energy” that Goes Directly to the Feet and Shifts Throughout the Body. Suited for Puerh Collectors Seeking the Best Vintage Tea Available. Sip a Taste of History Today.




A Rare Vintage Puerh Tea, aged for just over 100 years. Imported from Yunnan, China decades ago and Dry stored in Taiwan. This Puerh boasts a unique Qi composition described as energizing, warming the organs from within, and shooting energy down into the feet. While it might sound far-fetched, Aged Teas, cultivated under proper supervision, and maintaining gourmet quality during production, create this experience. We have access to only a very limited batch, so supply is extremely scarce. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. A once in a lifetime experience for the serious tea drinker.

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Loose Leaf

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Water Temperature: Full Boil
Quantity: 3-5g per Each Steep
Steep Time: 20-40 Seconds


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