Importance of Massage in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Massage plays a big role in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it also has a place in many other forms of alternative medicine. In TCM, massage bears many similarities to acupressure and acupuncture in that it often focuses on key points in the body, helping to restore balance and the flow of Qi. History of Massage […]

What Chinese Medicine Teaches us about Gua Sha

Gua sha is a type of Chinese medicine treatment that uses scraping along the body’s meridian channels as well as various acupressure points to move stagnant blood and lymph from the subcutaneous fascia. Typically, an object such as a round-soft edge stone or a scraping device that resembles a shoe insert is scraped repeatedly throughout […]

The Many Benefits of Chinese Tuina Massage Therapy

Chinese massage therapy known as Tuina (推拿), which literally means to ‘push and grasp’, is a form of therapy that utilizes various techniques to help people achieve muscle relaxation, better blood circulation, and stronger immunity. It has been widely propagated in China mainly because of its convenient procedures that are not limited to any specific […]

The Relationship Between Qigong and Healthy Skin

From a Qigong and Chinese medical perspective, there are two main areas that affect the quality of skin- the lung system and the digestive system. On the digestive side, people who eat oily, greasy, fried and fatty foods tend to have more oily skin and are prone to increased pimples and wrinkles, whereas those with […]

Qigong for the Disabled – Exercises with Limited Movements

Being disabled does not necessarily mean being unable to perform Qigong practices. Qigong in fact can be performed sitting or lying down, and is not even limited to movements but in fact visualizations and sounds as well. In terms of movements, Spring Forest Qigong has a number of exercises that are traditionally performed standing but […]

Alternative Chinese Medicine – Lowering Blood Pressure with Qigong

One of the most common illnesses among people in the 21st century is high blood pressure. It is estimated that 1 in every 3 adults in the US have high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The center also states that money spent on to cure the disease exceeds over […]

Alternative Headache Cures – Using Qigong to Prevent Headaches

Lets face it – headaches are no fun. Nobody enjoys having a throbbing pain in their head that stops them or slows them down in their lives. However, it just so happens there are a number of exercises that can both prevent and reduce headache pain from occurring if done on a regular basis. Many […]

Using Spring Forest Qigong to Improve Digestion

Many people struggle with digestion due to improper eating, lack of water and even due to lack of exercise among many other reasons. While solving issues related to digestion should be addressed in a comprehensive manner that takes into consideration your overall diet and lifestyle, there are some basic techniques you can use to aid […]