Clay Cups for Tea

View a variety of clay cups for tea. Premium clay teacups sourced from Asia. Selections include authentic Zisha clay material varieties in small and large sizes. Taiwan handmade teacups made of natural minerals and Yanni clay from rocky regions also available.

Clay cups are mainly used for both Ripe and Raw Puerh Tea in addition to Dark Teas (Heicha) such as Liu Bao, Liu An and Fu Zhuang. There is also a movement of using such cups for black teas, particularly large leaf varieties as found in teas such as Assam or deep black tea varieties from Puerh Ta trees. Many tea drinkers are also increasingly using such cups for medium to heavy roast Oolongs.

Below is a wide variety of products for every purpose. From everyday uses to collector items. A wide variety of products that gets update frequently.