Zisha Clay Tea Cups

Browse Zisha clay tea cups. Sourced from pottery masters in China. Premium quality made from authentic Zisha clay mined in Yixing, China.

Types of Zisha Clay Tea Cups

There are several varieties of Zisha clay throughout China. The most popular for teacup use is Zhu Ni (purplish color) and Duan Ni (yellow) materials.  Some Hong Ni (Reddish) color selections are available but are typically limited to mid-grade quality.

Handmade for Sipping Quality

Our sourced Zisha clay products all come tea masters who handcrafted their products. This is important to distinguish since there is some clay remaining from years ago that is put into machinery and used to copy popular tea master products. Such counterfeit products run high on sites like eBay and are hard to detect unless one has had years of experience studying the intricate details of Zisha clay.

Zisha Clay Cups as Art & Investment

One trend that is increasingly popular is the use of Zisha products for artwork or decoration. These are also increasingly highly in value and are sought after by art collectors.